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The RCBS Turret Press features a rugged cast iron frame, toggle block and turret head.

The 6 station turret head allows many combinations in the mounting sequence of dies and powder measure. It even permits two or more calibres to be set up at the same time. The turret head is held in place by one bolt for quick, easy changeovers.

The turret pin and ball handle assembly can be positioned for right or left-hand use and primer plugs and sleeves are supplied for seating large and small primers.

Dies and shellholder sold separately.

Technical Information

  • Auto Index: No
  • Number of Stations: 6
  • Frame Material: Cast iron
  • Frame Design: C-Frame
  • Frame Offset: None
  • Handle Location: Bottom right or left hand
  • Die Size Accepted: Standard 7/8-14 threaded die
  • Die Bushing Accepted: No, uses quick change turret head (1 included, others available separately)
  • Spent Primer Collection System: Included
  • Ram Stroke: 4"
  • Number of Mounting Holes: 2, RCBS recommends using 3/8" bolts to mount to your reloading press to your reloading bench.
  • Mounting Hardware Included: No

Priming Feature:

  • Automatic priming system included, with primer tube, primer plugs and sleeves for large and small primers and a spent primer catcher included

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