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The RCBS Lock-Out Die is the perfect die to run in a progressive reloading press to determine if a case has been overcharged with powder or undercharged with powder.

The die features 7/8-14 threads to work in any standard progressive press. The lock-out die detects a no powder or double charged case and will lock-up the press movement so you can fix the problem before proceeding.

Works for straight wall pistol cases only 9mm Luger and larger.


  • Plastic storage case
  • 2 cartridge adaptors (1 large, 1 small)


  • This die comes assembled from RCBS with a spring loaded plunger

How the Die Works:

  • Once the die is set to check for the desired powder charge, a plunger on the inside of the die lines up with a ball bearing at the same time the case mouth pushes up on a sleeve inside the die.
  • The die locks up when the sleeve that is pushed up by the case mouth contacts the ball bearing.
  • When the powder charge is correct a ball bearing inside the die will drop into a slot in the plunger allowing the sleeve the case mouth is pushing up on to move all the way into the lock-out die.
  • When the powder charge is low or there is no charge in the case, the ball bearing will not drop into the slot on the plunger causing the sleeve the case mouth is pushing up on to lock-out the press.
  • When there is too much powder the charged case pushes the slot on the plunger past the ball bearing causing the sleeve the case mouth is pushing up on to lock up the press.

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