Centrefire Rifle Ammo 9.3x62


LAPUA AMMO 9.3X62 285GR MEGA Image

The top quality and superior accuracy characteristic of all Lapua cartridges is achieved by precisely combining the components. Reliable and timely ignition, optimal muzzle velocity and excellent ballistic properties are the result of well-designed and precisely manufactured components. The ideal cartridge comes from the careful and precise combination of top quality brass cases, exceptional bullets, reliable, consistent primers and correct propellent selection. Assemble these with Lapua's well known passion for precision, and you have simply the finest ammunition in the world.

Lapua's ammunition products include, centrefire and rimfire ammunition for both pistol and rifle shooters and cater for target, hunting or tactical use.

Lapua hunting cartridges are loaded with Naturalis, Mega and Full Metal Jacket bullets, which have been carefully designed and dimensioned for their purpose. Lapua's product range has the right cartridge for all different kinds of hunting needs, whether you have your sights set on smaller game like rabbits or foxes, mid-size game such as deer or serious hunting of moose, elk, wild boar etc. Lapua hunting ammunition is made to perform, every time, with the right type of ammunition the game demands. Lapua offers everything hunters require, and now with a more versatile choice of hunting ammo and bullets than ever before.


PACK 20.0
CASE 600.0

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4319010 LAPUA AMMO 9.3X62 285GR MEGA