Leupold LTO Field Test


Here’s a real-world report showing how the Leupold LTO thermal viewer can dramatically improve your hunting success. It comes from our Queensland sales rep David Littlejohn who took up an unplanned offer of a quick night hunt from one of the local gunshop dealers he was visiting. Dave thought it would be a great opportunity to put the LTO through its paces, and the results were spectacular.

Here’s Dave’s report

“Went out with one of my customers last night for a quick hunt. He has access to a block only 40 minutes from town. The landholder had told him the pigs were starting to move in on the crop of oats, and they were causing a lot of damage every night. It was a half-moon night with a fair amount of cloud cover which made it perfect for stalking in the dark with the help of the LTO.

Within about 20 minutes we had found the pigs on the edge of the cultivated area, showing up as a string of glowing blobs about 200 yards away, totally unaware of our presence. The game was on! We prepped our ambush, keeping downwind at all times, and making sure we took regular scans with the LTO to keep track of their position as we moved in closer.

We got to about 50 yards and they still had no idea we were there. We could easily pick out the adult pigs from the juveniles on the LTO. We figured we had gotten close enough, so it was time for action. The dealer had a light on his rifle, so we picked out the biggest pig on the LTO and we made ready. We flicked on the light, to find the most surprised bunch of pigs we had ever seen in our life. Three quick shots and three of the biggest pigs were down, with the rest of the mob scattering far and wide. If we had another shooter or two with spotlights we could have easily got the whole mob.

We were both amazed just how much difference the LTO made to the hunt. Without the LTO we would have been walking around all night, just hoping to stumble over the pigs just by sheer chance. Most likely all the use of the spotlight would have alerted them to our presence and they would have been long gone before we even knew they were there.

With the LTO, we now had the advantage. We knew where they were, but they had no idea we were there. That’s what I call a game changer, no doubt about it. From now on the LTO will be going with me on every hunt"

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