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Federal Ammunition Joins Rare Companies by Turning 100 Years Old in 2022

13 January 2022

NIOA congratulates Federal Ammunition on reaching such an extraordinary milestone.

ANOKA, Minnesota – January 1, 2022 – Estimates show less than one percent of all companies make it to their 100th year in business. Federal Ammunition joins this extraordinary group in 2022 and has plans to celebrate all year long. Its official date of incorporation was April 27, 1922, but the festivities will start now.

Jason Vanderbrink, Federal’s President offered his thoughts: “The entire staff of 1,500 hard-working Americans in Anoka, Minnesota is extremely proud to celebrate a full century of continuous and successful operation. We appreciate those who came before us to make this possible and look forward to taking Federal into its next century.”

Federal kicks off the year by lighting up a 100th Anniversary sign on top of one its silos in Anoka and will continue to tout its accomplishment with limited availability throwback packaging, special merchandise available on its website, an exhibit at the Anoka County Historical Society Museum and much more.

“Our workforce and business have never been stronger than they are today, and we owe it to a century of continuous innovation across every department in the company. Many people and partners have contributed to our success and I’m proud to join the current team in making sure that tradition of excellence continues.”

In celebrating our 100 Year Anniversary, we reminisce on the earliest days of Federal and can't wait to bring you along as we share some of our favorite moments in the last decade.

Pictured here is the original Federal Cartridge Company factory in Anoka, MN in 1922. Although our facility has grown dramatically over the years, spilling out across 175 acres, we still produce our ammunition where it all began.

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