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AKKAR Churchill - A lot of gun for the money!

These best-in-class entry level shotguns deliver unprecedented quality at a price everyone can afford. The Churchill sporting range of guns are our most popular sellers, simply beacuse they can be used in such a wide variety of situations. From skeet to sporting clays, or out in the field hunting gamebirds, a sporting style gun is what you need, and the Akkar Churchill provides the best bang for your buck on today's market.

There's a model to suit every occasion starting with the standard 30" ejector or extractor models which are great for all around work. Then there's the short 20" barrel model which is popular with pig hunters who like to hunt in thick scrub or from a motor bike. For the more competition minded we now offer an adjustable comb model so you can tune your comb height for a better fit. Lastly we offer the combo model which incorporates a two barrel set with both 20" and 30" barrels. This is probably the best value of the lot as it's essentailly two guns in one, for not much more money.

Take a look at one at your local dealer and you'll be amazed at the handling and quality fit and finish for such a low price.

All models feature:

  • Chrome lined barrels
  • 3" chambers 
  • 5 extended chokes
  • Turkish walnut
  • 10mm ventilated rib with red front sight
  • 365mm LOP
  • Steel Receiver
  • Ultrasoft recoil pad
  • Single selective, gold plated inertia trigger

Available models:

Churchill Sporter 12Ga Ejector (Available in 20" or 30" barrel) 

Churchill Sporter 12Ga Extractor (30" barrel)

Churchill Sporter 12Ga Adjustable Comb Ejector (30" barrel)

Churchill Sporter 12Ga Combo Ejector (includes both 20" and 30" barrels)

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